Police in France announced that they have made successful actions in the fight against traffic violators using drones with a built-in camera.

The start of the project was in Bordeaux, thanks to which hundreds of drivers were fined for certain offenses that jeopardized the smooth flow of traffic. The leaders themselves are not satisfied with this measure, because now, except the cameras and police patrols, they must see if there are drones in the sky that observe their behavior on the road. This distracts their attention from the traffic situation and creates additional preconditions for accidents.

In turn, police officials claim that the drone becomes a major assistant in their work. In order to register a violation of safety rules, there is no need for a nearby police patrol nearby. Once the offense is registered, the police team will stop the culprit and will make the necessary minutes.

The drone manages to “cover” offenses of almost any kind, except for acceleration. At a given moment, a drone can “send” 20 drivers who do not follow the rules. As a whole, police approve the use of flying machines and is expected to be used not only in other regions of France, but also in all EU countries.