Three of Germany’s largest automakers will have to pay serious penalties in South Korea for breaking harmful emissions regulations, Reuters reports.

Mercedes-Benz, Porsche and BMW will have to pay a total of 70.3 billion wars – about $ 63m, after it turned out to have offered documents to the South Korean authorities containing false information.

They deliberately lowered engine emissions levels on their models. In addition, it turns out that German companies were making changes to some components of their cars, and the goal was the same – reducing the percentage of harmful gases. However, they did not receive the relevant permits for such changes in the models sold on the local market.
It is interesting that the majority of the fine – 60.8 billion won (54.3 million dollars) will have to be paid by BMW. The Bavarians have been indicted by the South Korean Ministry of Environment and in both violations of the rules of sale of cars.