Mitsubishi официјално го претстави e-Evolution концептот

After several announcements, the Japanese manufacturer introduced its latest concept, which is called e-Evolution.The e-Evolution concept uses three electric motors and a battery module placed under the floor. This system allows all four-wheel drive, and the Super All Wheel Control (S-AWC) Mitsubishi system should enable the crossover control as a sports car. Interestingly, the Mitsubishi concept for the first time represents brakes that are electronically controlled, rather than hydraulically.

The concept debuts many other new technologies, but the most important is the AI component that uses artificial intelligence to learn how the driver drives the vehicle and gradually improve its techniques.

From the aspect of design – the concept is undoubtedly the Mitsubishi model. Courageous shapes and extraordinary lines are something we expect from Mitsubishi – and that’s exactly what we get. This concept is unlikely to result in a serial car, but we are certain that some design details will find their way to a specific model.