Nissan has introduced a prototype seat that can detect sweat and warn of dehydration and thus prevent traffic accidents.The technology called “Soak” changes the color of the seat if the sweat contains more salt, which is considered dehydration. According to research by the European Institute of Hydration and the University of Lodgerborough has shown that dehydrated drivers are prone to errors equally to alcohol-driven drivers.
Currently there are no plans to install the Soak Seats, but the technology is advanced and offers excellent results and solutions.

The potter-sensitive material was designed and manufactured by the Dutch company Droog, which is also planning to load the gearbox which, together with the seats, in the case of dehydration will change the color from blue to yellow.
Professor Peter Wales of the University of Cardiff said there are still several potential measurable factors that could affect the driver’s ability, which include adrenaline, hormone levels, and the like.