The Bentley’s big luxury coupé and its convertible performance will soon retire, so the Mulliner Division has prepared a limited edition series that should be a real landline luxury yacht!


Mulliner – the Bentley Division of Personalization of Cars – made the best connection between luxury cars and luxury yachts with the new Galene Edition series of the Continental GT Convertible. The Grand Convertible draws inspiration from the big and luxurious yachts, and the name comes from the name of the Greek goddess of the calm seas.

The Continental GT Convertible Galene Edition gets a Glacier White white exterior with a character line in Sequin Blue blue and dark blue roof. The big convertible is mounted on 21-inch polished Propeller wheels, and in the cabin it gets leather in several shades, as well as details in the interior painted in the same Glacier White white. The illustrator Jaume Vilardell manually creates a super-yacht on the console, and special materials are exclusive to this model.

The big and luxurious convertible is powered by the Bentley’s 4-liter bi-turbo V8 (not sure why they did not put the monumental W12) that delivers 500 horsepower and 660 Nm of torque. More than enough for a comfortable cruise over the world roads.