The discharged nitrogen dioxide, from diesel vehicles, leads to the death of 10,000 inhabitants of the EU countries annually. Half of these cases are due to the level of emissions that exceed the established norms.
This is argued in a report by experts from the International Institute for System Analysis, published in the Environmental Research Letters. According to him, diesel vehicles form a larger amount of particles which, when entering the airways, cause lung and cardiovascular disease. – If the level of harmful gases in diesel cars were the same as for gasoline, about 7,500 cases of premature death would be avoided, says one of the study’s authors, Jens Borka-Klefeld. According to experts, the most deaths for these reasons are in Italy, Germany and France. This is due to the large number of diesel cars per capita in these countries. Accordingly, the smallest risk is the residents of Norway, Finland and Cyprus, where there is much less diesel performance.