Designed to disintegrate and still preserve the life of driver!!!


During yesterday’s chasing who participated in several vehicles in Los Angeles has destroyed a McLaren 650S Spider, but his driver spent almost undamaged.
Supersports modern cars are designed so that in its central part have some kind of protective shell – mostly made of carbon fiber – whose purpose is to protect the driver and passenger in the event of an accident. While provided for it remains complete and intact in the event of a collision, the other parts of the body are designed as so-called “zones of crushing” which should be decomposed and thus cushion the force of impact, in order to mitigate the consequences of the accident on the passengers.McLaren used in the construction MonoCell chassis cast in one piece carbon fiber. It helps others, brings an advantage that is reflected in the reduced mass of the car, with the necessary torsional stiffness achieved, it all together promotes agility, comfort and performance.Otherwise, MonoCell chassis is heavy to less than 100 kg, and 25 percent stiffer than the equivalent steel structure. It is also about 25 percent lighter than aluminum chassis, whereby the difference in weight compared to the steel chassis is even greater.This type of construction is more powerful and safer in a crash, because it behaves like safety cell, just as is the case with cars of Formula 1.A driver of the McLaren, MonoCell construction probably saved his life and certainly saved him from more serious damage, given the fact that after the examinations, as local media, he was immediately released from the hospital.But one thing he is sure to save a penalty that will judge handed because of violent driving and racing on the streets of Los Angeles …